This API allows to download traffic data for Grenoble's area.

You need a token to query the API. To request one, please send an email to:


We provide data at two different levels of granularity: sensors data and roads cells data. Both are updated every minute.

These are the metrics available from the different types of sensors: On the roads cells:


The data is provided as a large CSV file (using semicolons instead of commas as separator). For a sixty timestamps download of the roads cells data one should expect a file of about 5MB.

The first line of the file is the header. It gives the unique id of every data points.
The first column holds the posix timestamp in seconds. Then every column holds the value of the requested metric for its corresponding data point.

Considering the potential very large size of the file we recommend to split downloads in periods of maximum one month.
Additionally API users' should favor to downloading from a terminal (preferably from a screen session) using such command: wget --content-disposition --timeout=0 download_url.


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